Our Mission

To offer individuals and couples the unique opportunity to live in the comfort and luxury of a truly resident-focused community with access to an array of programs, activities and health services to help them thrive – body, mind and spirit – through their senior years.


We believe that seniors needing or wanting a new living arrangement deserve every opportunity to maintain and enhance their current standard of living.  We are committed to providing an environment that exceeds our residents’ highest expectations for quality living and exceptional service.

We understand that moving from one’s long-time home can be a difficult experience and are committed to providing the welcoming environment and high level of service that will ensure a smooth, comfortable and worry-free transition.

We believe that the optimal living environment is one that allows our residents to maintain the level of independence and privacy they desire but also offers regular socialization opportunities to ensure they feel part of a community.

We believe that freedom of choice is critical to helping our residents retain their sense of independence. We are committed to providing them with a wide range of personal services and programs, then letting them determine how they would like them delivered.

We believe that optimal health is the most essential feature of a rewarding and productive life and are committed to offering our residents access to a wide range of wellness and health services to enrich their bodies, minds and souls.

We believe that each of our residents is a unique individual with a rich life story who deserves to be treated with the utmost dignity and respect.  We are committed, through our hiring and training processes, to maintaining a community in which our residents know they are highly valued and are served by staff members whose sole focus is to meet their needs.

We believe that the individual dreams, desires and goals of each of our residents hold equal importance and deserve our equal attention. We will strive to ensure each resident feels like our only resident.

We believe that our residents’ lives are filled with the potential for great rewards and will do everything in our power to ensure they are able to realize the full potential of each day.